Shadow Rogue


Written by 尘缘暗殇 (Chenyuan An Shang)


As a promise, he went out into the world as a assassin. 3 years later, after becoming the Supreme Assassin, he gave up on everything he had and returned to the ranks of ordinary people. But one day, Kismet, a mystical game created by the National Research and Development had appeared.

Enigmatic hands, spectral frame, and one cunning strike just like the swing of the Grim Reaper. Let us take a look at how the Supreme Assassin takes on the mystical world, and how his legendary tales sets off, progressively ascending the altar to becoming the best.

Shadow Rogue has ~1302 chapters in the first volume and about 1650 in the second.

Chapters 1-48 were done by Japtem

Chapters 49-69 were done by Gravity Tales

Chapters 80-96 were done by Martial Dao

Chapters 97+ were done by Shiroyukineko Translations

Chapter 70

Chapter 71

Chapter 72

Chapter 73

Chapter 74

Chapter 75

Chapter 76

Chapter 77

Chapter 78

Chapter 79



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